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The 676 Kittyhawk Squadron Sponsoring Committee (abbreviated as "SSC") is comprised of parents and guardians of cadets currently enrolled in the program. Following elections at the October AGM, the current Executive Team is:

Chairperson: Mary E. McCue
Vice Chairperson: Dave Adamson
Secretary: Andrea Olsen
Treasurer: Sheila Conrad

The SSC Board also includes a four additional Directors at Large.

The SSC is the titleholder to the 676 Squadron training facility. It was constructed in 1942, and although it is a solid structure with a coloured history, it requires a significant injection of funds to keep the building bright, warm, safe and secure for our cadets. The SSC juggles a yearly operating budget of approximately $60,000 that covers the cost of building maintenance, land lease, fuel, utilities, janitorial & garbage, administrative requirements, and a variety of programs not funded by the Department of National Defence. Some are Familiarization Flying, Range Program, SCUBA, and Orienteering. The SSC also funds and hosts several banquets and similar events throughout the cadet year. Securing sufficient funds is realized through community partnerships with local service groups and significant fundraising. As fundraising is the most important source of revenue for the SSC, we emphasize a high level of parental involvement, asking that parents commit to 20 hours per family per year.

In addition to satisfying the 20 hours/year of fundraising volunteer time, how else can you help? Here's how!

  • help your cadet organize their after school time so that his/her air cadet commitment can blend harmoniously with family responsibilities, school, and other sports commitment

  • remind your cadet to look after their uniform (washing, drying, pressing, shining boots, etc.)

  • include air cadet activities (such as Familiarization Flying or weekend FTX training) in your family calendar

  • encourage your cadet to participate in other Squadron teams and activities. The more they put into the program, the more they will get out of the program.

  • avoid conflicts with major activities such as the Annual Ceremonial Review (usually in June)

  • promptly return activity consent forms and/or applications forms for activities such as summer camps

  • transport your cadet (and maybe their cadet friends!) to the hall on time for parade nights, and collect them at the end of the night

Regular SSC meetings take place on the first Thursday evening of each month, starting at 7:00 p.m. We encourage all parents to join us for a tea, coffee, and treats and to listen for current and upcoming activities planned for the SSC in support of our 676 Kittyhawk cadets.

Should you wish to become more involved with the SSC, thereby enriching both your cadet's and your own experience, please feel free to contact us directly at

Tax-Deductible Donations:

  • Please contact the SC Chair at, if you or your company would like to donate funds or goods to the Squadron Sponsor Committee. Income Tax donation receipts may be issued, should the donation qualify under Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

  • If your employer participates in the United Way campaign, personal donations can be directed to the Squadron.

  • If you volunteer with the Squadron, check if your employer has a volunteer program. Many employers will make a financial contribution to the organization where you volunteer once a certain number of hours has been completed.

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