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In 1938, the Department of Transport and Defence formed a committee to develop plans for an airport on the Brethour family farm near Sidney, BC.  In the summer of 1939, the construction of the airport began and in the early spring of 1941 the paving of the runways was completed and the airport was operating as a combined RCAF and RAF base under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.  Building 51, which is still in use as our Squadron Headquarters, was built in 1941 as a theatre and recreational centre for No. 32 Operational Training Unit of the Royal Air Force. The address is now 1979 DeHavilland Way named for the DeHavilland aircraft now manufactured by Viking Air a short 2-minute walk from the cadet hall.

After the war, the building remained vacant for a number of years and, in early 1950, was used by the army militia and Army Cadets. By 1956 the building was again vacant, until 1958, when the Sidney Kinsmen Club obtained the building from the Department of National Defence for the use of Air Cadets.

The 676 Kinsmen Squadron was formed on July 3, 1958, and consisted of 32 cadets with 7 officers and instructors. The squadron continued to be sponsored by the Sidney Kinsmen club until 1982, when this function was assumed by a parent sponsoring committee.  In 1993 a non-profit charitable organization was formed under the name 676 Kittyhawk Sponsoring Committee Society. This body is now the sponsor and its Board of Directors form the Sponsoring Committee.

The name "Kittyhawk" was adopted in June 1982 in recognition of the famous P-40 Kittyhawk fighter aircraft, which was flown from the Pat Bay Air Force Base in Sidney, BC, during the Second World War.  This aircraft was in service with the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1941 to 1946.  During this period it was employed by squadrons in Canada, Alaska, Europe, and North Africa.  It was flown from Patricia Bay by the 111, 132, 133, and 135 Fighter Squadrons.


1958 - 1968   Flight Lieutenant J.R. Hannan, CD
1968 - 1973   Captain D. Price, CD
1973 - 1978   Major J. McLeod, CD
1978 - 1980   Captain K. Dorman
1980 - 1983   Major P. Perry, CD
1983 - 1985   Lieutenant Colonel R. Johnston, CD
1985 - 1989   Major J.W. Cumming, CD
1989 - 1991   Captain P. Cumming
1991 - 1997   Major W.A. Fullbrook, MB, CD
1997 - 1998   Captain K.S. Webster, CD
1998 - 1999   Major C. Riley
2000 - 2002   Major P. Reynolds
2002 - 2003   Captain M. Grant
2003 - 2004   Captain T. Nicol
2003 - 2004   Captian Steve Newlove
2004 - 2007   Captain S. Pinard
2007 - 2009   Captain James McFadyen
2009 - 2010   Captain S. Pinard
2010 - 2013   Captain B. Aumonier
2013 - 2015   Major A. Thompson
2015 - 2019   Captain M. Tellier
2019 - 2023   Captain Sean Kelly

2023 - Present Captain Jean-Guy Mayer

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